Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Epic failure today

Ugh. Ate terrible, didn't exercise. I'm just so busy!!!!!

I spent a good part of the day in a town about 30 minutes away, at one of those paint-you-own-ceramics shops, painting decorative tiles to embed in the stucco when we do the exterior of our house. I'll have to remember to post some pics when I pick them up. We also went to IHOP for an American-style breakfast (a one-time treat for my cousin-in-law from Italy), but I did not do a good job of eating well. And then we finished dinner too late to exercise. I really don't like exercising after dinner.

Also, I set up my new bike trainer and tried it out yesterday, and it is louder than expected. We don't have a TV, so I was trying to watch n.etfl.ix on the ip.ad (without additional speakers or headphones) and I couldn't really hear it. So I will have to try again with headphones, I guess.

Between the kids, who take up almost all of my time, cooking, cleaning, watering my vegetable garden, and all the things I have to do to make this house run, I'm just struggling to find exercise time.

Tomorrow should be better. It will keep getting better. And in any case, spending a few hours painting tiles has really made my heart lighter. I'm starting to wonder if I could have a business doing this ...

A few pics to show off my little ones:

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