Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Picky eater

Turtle started out as a very cautious eater. While Tadpole followed her usual "why the hell not?!" approach to eating, Turtle would make a face as if to say "what IS this crap you're putting in my mouth?"

Then he decided he loved food, and he munched down everything we gave him. There was nothing he didn't like, and it was fun to make food for him and see if he liked it, which he usually did (after his first few suspicious bites).

Then he regressed. He started making much worse faces and gagging (more like "If you continue to feed me this disgusting stuff, I will probably die"). He started arching his back and throwing his head back and whining and crying and being just plain miserable. He started refusing to eat.

We discovered that he wouldn't do that with sweet foods - fruit, fruit-flavored yogurt, and sweet potatoes. So I started making sweet potatoes and gradually mixing other foods back in. When he wouldn't eat, I'd get desperate and open a baby food jar of fruit. He started recognizing the "pop!" of the jar and would get excited.

Last night, he refused to eat the sweet potato, carrot, and leek puree that I made. In a stroke of genius (which may prove to not be so genius in the end), I put it in a baby food jar. He ate it all up!

Which just goes to show you ... something. I'm not sure what. Babies are clever and stubborn creatures, and you have to be even more clever to outsmart them sometimes.


  1. That is hilarious! Smart little guy!

  2. Ah - ha ha ha!!!

    What an little stinker! I'd have never thought of putting it in a jar - good work mom!

  3. My baby would not eat any food that I prepared when until she got old enough for finger foods. When she was on puree, it had to come out of a jar. My sister told me that I should try the homemade food in a jar, but I was so tired I just gave up and only fed her Earth's Best.

  4. I don't think my last comment went through!
    What you wrote is so true! I have been there on the out-smaring front and it usually works for my 3!
    I would love to feature your success story on my blog and in my new book I'll be working on. Thanks in advance! You'd be an inspiration to so many!


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