Tuesday, March 22, 2011

8.5 months

Turtle and Tadpole just turned 8.5 months old! I am packing up their 6-month clothes, many of which haven't fit Turtle in a long time. He is a big guy.

Things around here are settling down these days, it's nice to have some breathing time. Actually, I have a babysitter all week, which is awesome! I also have a huge to-do list (which, strangely enough, does not include blogging). I should be doing the stuff on the to-do list. But every time I get some really free time, I go wild with the possibilities!

While my own life is settling down, it seems like the lives of everyone around me are getting crazier. Including my husband, who is always out at work dinners, or traveling, or busy with something work-related. That's the part that's been a little tough.

Turtle and Tadpole are getting more and more fun every day. People often tell me that it gets better, and it really does. I think it started getting better around 6 months, when they started sitting up. That was great. Turtle would sit there and play with toys. Tadpole starting crawling first, so she had a lot of fun and started getting into everything. No more laptops sitting on the living room floor, Papi!

Sitting up turned into crawling (or vice versa for Tadpole), and playing with more complicated toys, and eventually pulling themselves up on furniture and learning to walk while holding onto our fingers. They're much more self-sufficient now, at least at times. Ironically (although evolutionarily it's a good thing) around the time they become capable of being more independent, they also started becoming more attached. They became afraid of strangers, and they started getting really excited to see us in the morning, after naps, or when we enter a room. It's the sweetest thing ever, if occasionally a little frustrating because we're trying to get something done.

The last two months have been really a major change in their lives and as a result in ours, and I can't say how thankful I am that it really does get better!


  1. Lurker here.... Love to find other twin mama blogs, helps me not feel so crazy! Out babies are just a few weeks apart!

  2. Mine just turned 9 months and have just really become comfortable sitting. I think Lauren is about to crawl. She gets on her hands and knees for a second when she's going after something, but then realizes she is on her hands and knees and freaks out! :)

    Glad things are settling down.

    So not looking forward to hiding my laptop!

  3. I've been looking around our house and thinking about what we're going to have to do for babyproofing once Ginny starts moving around. Part of our issue is that the living room/dining area/kitchen are all rather open so there's no where to put a baby gate... things to ponder.

    Glad to hear that things are settling down for you...


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