Saturday, March 19, 2011

First swim class!

Yes, I'm still here! Crazy busy, but the babies are finally getting a bit better about entertaining themselves from time to time, so I'm catching up on my to-do list and trying to write more often.

To answer Kate's question about CPS, nothing has happened. We haven't heard from anyone at CPS or the police department. I took Tadpole for her follow-up with the orthodpedist, who asked me if they ever did the full-body bone scan (or something like that - to check for evidence of other broken bones? I don't know), and I said that no one had ever mentioned anything like that before. He said he thought it was ridiculous and told them so. And that is that. I hope.

On Wednesday, Turtle and Tadpole had their first swim lesson. At our swim school, babies can start at 5 months. I was a little skeptical of that, but I found out another baby in our mom's group goes and his mom said they both love it, so we went in for a trial class. And it was awesome! I couldn't imagine how we'd spend 30 minutes with two babies who not only can't swim but can't really understand what the hell we're doing or why, but for the most part they had a great time.

Parents get into the water with the babies, so my husband and I both have to be there. We played a few games like throwing bath toys into a floating basket (ours were the youngest and didn't really get it). We sang a bunch of songs with lyrics that involved jumping up and down, spinning around in a circle, kicking, splashing, and so on, and they seemed to really enjoy all of that. We floated them on their backs and ducked them under the water - Turtle didn't care for either of those activities too much, and spent the rest of the class with a vise grip on me, while Tadpole had a fantastic time. We also did a few safety things - sat them on the side of the pool and told them to wait, then told them to come in and pulled them in. Tadpole didn't want to wait! Turtle was too busy chewing on a rubber duck to notice. Last, everyone held a big floating foam board and the babies took turns crawling or walking across it into the water and the arms of a waiting parent - that was really fun!

So a great time was had by all, except possibly Turtle (but I think he had fun). So if you are wondering of an activity to do with your little one, I highly recommend swimming if there are lessons near you.


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