Wednesday, September 30, 2009


I am having the worst morning. Well, I'm being a bit of a baby, but here goes:

1. My doctor is letting me sleep without my knee brace. The biggest problem with this, though, is my husband. We're both tall, and we have a queen size bed. At 6:15 this morning, my husband moves or rolls and gives me a bony hard knee to the shin. OUCH! I'm wide awake, 30 minutes before my alarm. The bright side? At least I get to work on time.

2. After I get up, I feed the annoying, whiny cat (who spent a good part of the night sleeping in a spot on the bed where I didn't have room for both legs on one side of her, but couldn't seem to get one leg on the other side of her). While I'm leaning down to feed her, balanced precariously on one foot, I fall. Luckly onto my left side, not my injured knee. Thank goodness for that! I feel like a crotchety old lady.

3. I get to work and realize that in my haste to put this shitty morning behind me, I have forgotten my yogurt at home. I'm starving, and it's a long way to buy any breakfast for a person on crutches. I will have to see if a coworker will go get me something.

4. My sister called (just as I was going through my bag looking for my yogurt and realizing I didn't have it). She asked if I had looked on Fac.ebo..ok this morning (I hadn't). The wife of my lame, idiotic brother apparently announced that they are having their THIRD child (the second unplanned one). They haven't even told anyone in my family yet, but they told Guess they better put off their plans to declare bankruptcy another year, so they can get the delivery costs wiped out. ARGH!

Sometimes I love how supportive my husband is, but sometimes I can't STAND his pollyanna, zen attitude. Everything is a learning experience and there is always a silver lining and getting upset never helps anything. ARGH! He doesn't understand why I should be upset that my idiot of a brother keeps having kids without even trying and we've spent two years and thousands of dollars and gone through hell and have absolutely nothing to show for it.

He says we're just at the start and there's no reason to be depressed. Just at the start! Because we're now starting IVF! He is so happy and hopeful that we're moving onto IVF, because apparently it's such a wonderful thing! Sometimes I could kick him. I guess it's good that one of us has a good attitude, but OMG seriously. It drives me crazy.

OK, off to bribe a coworker to go get me breakfast.


  1. My husband's new favorite phrase is, "Well, it is what it is!" THAT IS NOT HELPING!!!!

  2. Ah, I'm cringing just thinking about your knee getting bumped! Ouch.
    My hubby says "we're going to win in the end!". He used to say "we'll get you all fixed up" every time the endo pain started coming back. There are endless variations on those positive phrases, but they alternately cheer me up and depress me more. Depends on where I am in my cycle I guess :).

  3. Wow, your morning blows. I hope you got some good breakfast at least!

  4. Yep. Your morning sucked. I hope the vent helped. And I know exactly what you mean about the overly positive hubby and the stupid, fertile sibling. GRRRR.

  5. damn. sorry about your shitty morning. i hope the day got better after that and not worse!

  6. lolol I'm so sorry you had such a bad morning! You're just too funny. How does having one small cat in the bed always end up with the cat taking up the whole bed?

  7. So sorry you were having a bad day. I hope it got better. I know it's annoying when you are having a bad day and others around you are happy and cheery and want you to be too.


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