Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Baseline u/s for IVF #1

IVF #1 is right around the corner.

I had my baseline today. Everything looked good, thin uterine lining (from the BCPs) and no cysts. The doctor didn't say a word about resting follicles (antral follices?) but I can more or less recognize them now and it looked like there were a lot. Yay!

The gave us a huge pile of forms to take home, read, and sign. I'm not 100% thrilled with all of it. The part that gets me the most is that if you do the shared risk package (1 fresh IVF, up to 6 FETs until all preserved embryos are gone, and then another fresh IVF), if any pregnancy, through IVF OR spontaneous, makes it past 10 weeks, you forfeit any further treatment. So if IVF #1 or any FET works, or I somehow magically spontaneously get pregnant (that's like spontaneous combustion, right?), and I miscarry at 11 weeks, that's it. Start from scratch.

I'm not really ok with that. Why not 12 weeks? Isn't that when the risk of miscarriage really goes down? I mean, maybe they're not counting the two weeks pre-transfer, but I thought 10 weeks gestation was universally understood to mean 10 weeks since the beginning of the cycle when you get pregnant.

Well, we will bring this up with them before signing the forms. Otherwise, I'm so excited to get started.

Except I just realized that I didn't ask the doctor about PIO v. suppositories. Crap. I guess I'm getting PIO. I'll write my next post about progesterone and the various feelings I have toward it (mostly dread) and why I objectively think suppositories might be better (international travel).

BTW - I hope it's obvious that I wrote my last post under the influence of Vi.cod.in. I think it was the last one I took. My leg is doing much better, although my lack of mobility is still frustrating the heck out of me.

Oh, and I lost weight! At least 6 pounds! Nar.c.otic painkillers, loss of appetite, vomiting, and MAJOR loss of leg muscle will probably do that, though. Seriously, I don't have a right quad muscle anymore, it's very sad. At least my right leg could be a supermodel (not the rest of me, though).

Long rambling post, but the moral of the story is - it's good to be back in the game.


  1. Yippee! IVF is finally here for you! I had my baseline today too, so it looks like we're on a similar time frame. No, we could never tell that you were under the influence of pain killers. Big grin.

  2. So glad your baseline U/S went well!

    That doesn't sound right for the shared risk program - 10 wks? Is that typical for those programs? I don't know anything about them, but it seems like that isn't even giving you a chance to hear a heartbeat.

  3. Let me just tell you, in case the suppositories thing doesn't work out, that I had HUGE dread about the PIO shots and they turned out to be nearly painless. Really. The dread was 200% worse than the actual experience.

    I have helpful tips for you should you need them. :)

  4. welcome back to the IVF game! Good to see you here again.

  5. I would ask about that with the 10 week thing. I think that would bother me too. I did the PIO with my second cycle. One this is that the PIO is way cheaper than the cri*none gel suppository and it's not nearly as messy. Plus for me I don't think the gel worked that well. I started my period on it after IVF. I know the daily shots are scary but they really aren't that bad.


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