Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Notes from the beginning of the third trimester

I've been wanting to write a little about this pregnancy.  I don't remember nearly as much as I thought I would from the previous pregnancy, and I wanted to have a record.  I'm already at 29 weeks, although I just caught a glance at my pregnancy ticker and it says 76 days left, which sounds like a lot.  I hope it'll be a few less (although not Halloween!).

So.  I think I've been having a lot of braxton hicks contractions.  I don't really know, I don't remember it much from last time, but they feel more uncomfortable than I would think they should.  They feel a bit more like real contractions, although no where near as painful.  Just really uncomfortable.

I also feel a lot more movement than I remember from last time.  It started quite early, and now, at about 6.5 months, I feel the baby move a ton.  When I wake during the night, it feels like he's having a dance party, and at regular intervals during the day there's just a ton of movement.  It's actually really cool, and I'm enjoying it a lot, especially knowing that we're not having any more and this is my last chance to feel it.

The thing that's really gotten me lately, though, is the sheer exhaustion.  I mean, obviously, my last two posts have lamented it for sure.  It doesn't help that we've been traveling a lot, and my husband has been gone a lot and I don't sleep well when he's not here.  And we've just had a completely unsettled schedule and lots more changes coming in the next few weeks.  I don't really want to take medicine to sleep, but I may resort to it.

So otherwise - I feel pretty huge already, at 29 weeks.  I've got a lot more time to go, but really only about 6 more weeks before I should start prepping for labor and delivery, assuming that everything works out to attempt a VBAC.  I just hope that I don't end up laboring for a long time and then having an emergency c-section again.  I hope if I have a c-section, it's planned.

There's probably lots more to say, but hubby is home and I'm ... well ... exhausted.  And our power just went out and when it came back on, our dishwasher started working again.  So I'm going to celebrate by getting ready for bed (instead of folding the two loads of laundry I have waiting for me).

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