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Friday, August 7, 2015

6 month prenatal group visit

Yesterday was my third (I think?) group prenatal visit.  It was pretty cool, I brought Turtle and Tadpole and they were excited to listen to the heartbeat, although I don't think they totally understood what they were hearing in the end.  I brought tablets for them to play on the rest of the time, and they were happy as clams, although I'm realizing that we're going to have to start severely limiting tablet time soon.  Turtle in particular is getting sooooooo addicted.

I am a bit ahead for weight gain this pregnancy, but not by too much (about 3 pounds over the high end of the range), so I'm hoping it's not a big deal.  I finally made it to swim practice today after several weeks off, and I'm now actively looking for a babysitter so I can go back to yoga.  Next week we'll be camping, but the following week would be great.  I might put the kids in the last week of their school's summer camp so they can start getting used to the school and meet some kids before school actually starts, plus it will give me a bit of free time before they go back to school to get everything ready, and do some exercise and shopping.

One of the things that happened at the prenatal visit yesterday was that the midwife told us we needed to get our glucose screening test done between 26 and 28 weeks, and she sort of dropped the ball with me (since my due date is right at the beginning of November) because I was already 27 weeks 2 days.  So I have that scheduled for Monday, one day before 28 weeks.  She told us we didn't need to fast, and the person I set up my appointment with said that I do, so I'm really hoping I can get an answer before I go in.  I am usually pretty hungry in the mornings, so I hope I don't have to fast!

Let's see, what else?  The kids are participating in a 3-day swim meet - yesterday they raced 25 yards with the kickboard, today they did something called "over-unders" (swimming across the lane lines, it's sort of a weird concept), and tomorrow they do 25 yards freestyle.  So far they're basically competing with each other not to be last place.  Which is fine, they don't seem to really mind.  They only have one race per day, so we just show up for their race and then we can leave after, so that's nice.

I'm making tomato sauce!  With tomatoes from my garden.  I cooked the tomatoes today, then ran out of steam, so tomorrow I'll have to process and can them.  Not totally sure when.  We have a busy weekend.

Oh, I also signed up the kids for a sibling preparation class called "Little Helper" for kids ages 3-7 whose parents are expecting.  My husband will be visiting his family in Italy that weekend, and the class is near my mom's house, so it will be a nice way to spend some time when I don't have anyone at home to help out.

With the kids at home this summer, our house is totally trashed, all the time.  I never get a chance to clean it up.  We've also been pretty bad about practicing violin, and also at giving the kids baths, especially since they're ALWAYS IN THE POOL.  We've been very lax about many things, and I hope to improve a lot once school starts - things like chores, picking up toys, practicing violin (actually, I do a half-way decent job at this, but it could be better), regular baths, hand-washing (that's a long story), etc.

Anyway - it's late, and I need to get to bed.  I'm trying to write more, so hopefully these posts will get a bit shorter.  Off to bed so we can prepare for the swim meet tomorrow.  Wish Tadpole and Turtle luck!

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