Friday, June 19, 2015

So ... yeah

Wow, pregnancy has been going along swimmingly this time!  Maybe I said that too often!  Because holy cow, things came to a crashing halt this week.

I started having low back pain and something that felt like sciatica earlier this week.  Actually, now that I think about it, I started having foot cramps last week, too, to the point that I had to stop kicking once in a while when I was swimming, and couldn't kneel and sit back on my feet in yoga.  So yeah, starting to have some body aches.

Last night I woke up several times during the night with weird stomach pain.  I thought I might vomit.  I felt really, really bad, but mostly managed to get back to sleep.  At 6:45ish (maybe?) I sent my hubby in with the kids when they woke up because I was feeling so awful, and while I didn't think I could sleep anymore, I also couldn't face dealing with them just yet.  I ended up sitting up in bed, because that felt better, just trying to cope with the pain and uncomfortableness and nausea.  I was supposed to go to my mom's today, too, and seriously thought about cancelling (which would have been awesome, but I felt a little bad about it).  It would get better, then worse again.  Weirdly, despite the nausea and cramping stomach, I also felt hungry.

I finally started looking up my symptoms via Dr. Google, and I realized I was probably having heartburn or acid reflux.  I've had heartburn before, when I take painkillers on an empty stomach, and this is a little different.  It's not a burning sensation, much more a crampy feeling that gets worse if I lay down.  Still, I popped a couple tums and it cleared up pretty quickly.  I took a few more after lunch when the pain started up again, and I had to take one a little while ago, around 6pm, because the pain was coming back pretty badly.

It seems awfully sudden to just start like this, but I dunno.  I've decided to push on through the (unfortunately very busy) weekend, taking tums as needed, and if things haven't improved by Monday, I'll call the OB/midwife.  I really hope things improve quickly.  I certainly don't remember anything like this last time, but maybe I am just forgetting.

I have been thinking of a few questions, though, and realizing a few things.  I will be missing the last "Meet the Doulas" information session before my due date, since we'll probably go to Italy.  It also just occurred to me that with a VBAC, I probably won't be able to deliver with a midwife, but it's worth asking.  I also don't know if a water birth is possible with a VBAC, so I need to verify that, as well.

So ... please send me some positive thoughts that whatever is going on clears up soon, or can be managed with some pregnancy-friendly medication!  Thank you!

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