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Monday, October 27, 2014

Ah, frustrations

Today is turning out to be an interesting day.  I was supposed to get my IUD out this morning, but the doctor's office called less than an hour before my appointment to tell me they had to cancel it because there was a scheduling problem and the doctor was actually not working today.  Grrrrrrr.  I was so angry and disappointed, although I got over it.  It's rescheduled for later this week.

Then.  I had asked my husband to drop the kids off at school, and like a sweetie he did, even though at that point I could have done it since my appointment was cancelled.  He called me a little while later to say he had the kids' naptime sheets because the head teacher had given them to him and asked him to take them home to be washed.  Which makes me really angry.  For a few reasons.  First, they NEVER remember that my kids aren't there on Fridays and therefore we need the sheets on Thursdays.  I'm tired of having to ask, then wait around while the right person is found and then they find the sheets.  Second, I feel like it's ok that they don't get washed every week or even every other week, since they only go three days per week and they don't even nap anymore, they just have 30 minutes of quiet time.  Third, I guess they expected one of us to run right back in with clean sheets, so lucky for us that I don't work, I guess, except I don't HAVE extra sheets for Turtle because the school LOST them a couple weeks ago.  And didn't tell me until several days later, when they told me about how upset he'd been when he had to use borrowed sheets.  I'm getting so annoyed with this preschool.  Grrrrr!!!!  So I got Tadpole's extra sheet, ran to my husband's office to get the dirty sheets, and dropped off a dirty sheet for Turtle and clean one for Tadpole.  I STILL don't understand why they couldn't call or email about this on Friday instead of waiting until the last minute on Monday morning.  I feel partly at fault because I don't ask for the sheets every single Thursday, but sheesh.  Get it together already.  They've been going there part time for a year and a half, they should know my kids' schedule by now.  And communicate better!

While out running these errands, I decided to make a stop at a nearby assisted living place to check it out for my mom.  That went ok, actually it went pretty well from my point of view.  The place is insanely expensive, but really amazingly nice.  I'm not sure how my mom will feel about it.  I'm going to check out a few more, possibly today.  I don't really know what the next step is.  I don't know if my mom's insurance will cover any of this, and I haven't been able to get her to find out what it DOES cover.  I don't know if moving her closer to me is a good or bad idea.  It would be nice not to have to spend most of the day every time we visit, because it's a 45-minute drive each way.  On the other hand, I don't really want to start seeing her a lot more often.  It would be easier for the kids and me to just visit her a couple times a week for 20-30 minutes, not to mention the kids start kindergarten next year and we won't be able to visit on weekdays anymore, and I'm not willing to go there every single weekend.  We camp and ski and hike and all sorts of other things.  I'm not stopping any of that.  But her friends aren't here, she probably wouldn't see much of them anymore, and that would be hard, I'm willing to admit it.  Also, we go to Italy on average once per year, and we're gone for anywhere from 2 weeks to 2.5 months.  My sister lives nearby, so that would help.  My brother and his kids live in another state, though.  I'm tempted to have my mom move up there with them.  They don't really travel, and they really owe my mom in a lot of ways, she's given them so much money and so many things.  I don't know if she'd want to go, though.  But then again, we might not live here forever.  Short term, yes, but mid to long term, we don't really know.  My husband's work might take him away, and we might move to Italy at some point.  Not tomorrow, not next year, probably not for at least 5 years, but eventually it's a possibility.

So.  Anyway.  These things are hard.  On everyone.  I don't even know what else to say.  =(

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  1. I'm sorry things are hard; it just sucks. I'll be keeping you in my thoughts and hoping things get better soon.


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