Monday, August 26, 2013

Nice times in Davis

It's been a nice weekend!  Friday night we got a babysitter, the kids' swim teacher, and it went so well!  It's the first time Turtle didn't cry when we left.  We went out for happy hour/dinner, and then to a bluegrass concert with a bunch of people and it was really fun.  Although it was a late night, for me at least.

Saturday, we ate at our local food cooperative after doing our grocery shopping there, and met some friends for lunch who moved out of town but were back for the day to take care of their house.  Then we came home and I cooked all afternoon.  I made Soupe de Poissons , stuffed eggplant a la bonifaciene, and almond flan with chestnuts (just FYI, all my recipes are from a cookbook I bought in Corsica, the ones I linked to are just the best (or only) ones I can find online).  We had friends over for a really nice dinner on the patio, the kids played, we enjoyed a pastis aperitivo, and after dinner we sipped genepy around the firepit.  It was a nice relaxing evening, and I even had time to mostly clean the kitchen, so I didn't wake up to a huge mess the next morning.

The next morning, I called some friends to see if they wanted to get bagels, and they already had some at home, so I biked over there with the kids in the trailer and left my husband at home for a morning alone to do whatever he wanted (he slept and then worked).  We spent the day puttering around the house, letting the kids bike in the yard, attending to chores, and just generally lazing about.  While the kids were napping, my husband proposed taking the kids to see their first movie, so after they got up, we explained the concept of a movie theater, had a quick dinner out, and went to see Planes.  They actually did really well for a little over an hour, then they really lost their ability to sit still.  Luckily there was almost no one in the theater, because Turtle is not capable of speaking quietly.  Quite the opposite, actually.  I'm not sure I would recommend the movie - it was a bit long and boring for the littles, and I suspect doesn't have enough of an original plot for older kids, but I don't know.  It was a good first movie, in general.

And today!  We biked to swim practice, then downtown for a bagel sandwich for lunch, across to the square for some ice cream, to city hall to pay our utility bill that was due today (oopsie), and now home to get ready for a nap.  Goodness, three-year-olds like to visit public restrooms - we went to the bathroom at every one of those places except the ice cream place.  I'm a single mom tonight, so I hope the rest of the afternoon and evening goes well, too.  Almost time for a nap!

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  1. Wow, a first movie! That's a big moment. I probably wouldn't have chosen Planes either for a little kids movie (I thought Cars was a little dull and long winded, and from what I understand Planes is similar), but still, an hour is a great first attempt. Does your theater offer matinees for little kids? Ours does twice a week. They volume isn't as loud, and they have the lights up a bit. It's all parents and littles, so it doesn't matter if they're a bit loud, or squirmy.

    The recipes look wonderful. And yay for a nice night out!


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