Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Big kids!

Yesterday I worked my butt off getting big kid beds set up for the kids while they were in school.  I had to disassemble the cribs and cart them out.  They're in our living room right now, I need to move them into the garage in the hopes that a friend and/or my sister will be needing them in the next year or so.  Then I brought in the pieces of the new beds.  They are solid wood bunk beds that my brother had in his room when he was a kid, but I have them set up as two separate twin beds.  It took three trips to the hardware store to get all the hardware I needed, since we had lost it in the last 20 years.

I also took a trip to IKEA for bed slats, mattresses, and mattress covers and a trip to Target for bedding sets, since we have basically nothing for twin-size beds.  Then home to assemble everything!  I also had to rearrange the furniture in Tadpole's room, since the bed would not fit where I had imagined it.  Turtle had asked for a red bed, but nothing at Target was really red except just solid red sheets, which I got as a back-up set, but I wanted something a bit more exciting for his regular bedding.

Here are the photos of the rooms and the kids ... they were SO excited!

Tadpole saying "CHEEEEEESE!"

Both kids taking a photo in Tadpole's bed

A couple views of Tadpole's new bed - I love her room

Now we've migrated to Turtle's room - he is a happy little kid

And a couple pics of his new bed and his room:

Their rooms are so nice and comfy and cozy now.  I never bought any special bedding for their baby rooms - it was all so expensive and I knew we wouldn't use the comforters and quilts etc.  Everything they had was mismatched and purchased second hand or on clearance, and I didn't mind at all.  I actually found quite a bit of cute stuff.  But now I know they will use this stuff for years, and they actually care more now, so I was totally ok with getting the matching bedding sets.

Turtle has been sleeping on the futon in his room since we got back from Italy at the end of February, so I put a pool noodle under his fitted sheet and he had no problems.  I was really worried about Tadpole, who has only spent a few nights out of her crib and generally falls out of bed whenever she does.  I used a pool noodle in her bed, too, and put a comforter and a quilt on the floor next to her bed.  Luckily, no falling out last night!  I'm not sure how I'll know when it's time to get rid of the noodle, though!

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  1. Yay for big kid beds! Their rooms look so awesome!!

    We won't be able to move Ginny into a regular twin bed until we move into a bigger place (but oh the plans I have), so for right now she's still in her toddler bed (her crib was convertible). Same goes for Pip... his crib is in the closet in the nursery, but it is convertible too if we are still here when he's big enough.


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