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Monday, July 18, 2011

Current schedule

Our current schedule is going really well, but it's about to get shot to hell in two weeks when we leave for Italy. I figured I'd put it here for posterity and so i can lovingly remember what it was like to have a schedule after we've schlepped two one-year-olds halfway across the world.

This schedule is subject to change without notice, unfortunately.

5:-6:30 - one or both babies wake for a bottle, then sometimes go back to sleep for an hour
6-7:30 - both babies wake up for the day, usually around a half hour apart, but not always. If they get up early enough, I might take them for a run, or otherwise we play
8:30 - breakfast! If Papi's here, he helps with this. They split a jar of Earth's Best fruit and grain combination. I don't think it's enough, actually.
8:45-9:30 - play time! Or sometimes TV time, but lately no one is interested in watching TV
9:30 - nap time. Babies drink 6-8 ounces of formula
10:30-11 - (this can vary a lot) - we're up again! More play time.
12 - (this can vary quite a bit, too) lunch! Usually some variation of what I'm having, but can also include plain pasta or other finger foods.
12:30-2 - more play! Or errands, or go to the park, listen to music, read books, drive Mama crazy
2ish (give or take a half hour) - afternoon nap, after 6-8 ounces of formula
3:30ish - awake! Play time, errands, etc. This is when things can sometimes start breaking down, as Papi doesn't get home until 6, and people start getting cranky.
4:30ish - snack! Usually plain yogurt, or applesauce.
6 - Papi gets home (when he's in town)
6:30 - Dinner! Lately, it's been more normal table food, but we're still doing some baby food
7 - Baths and/or TV, which consists of Italian children's music videos and a few English ones, too.
7:20 - change to jammies and brush teeth
7:30 - down for bed with another bottle - Turtle usually eats 8 ounces, Tadpole anywhere from 2 to 8 ounces, usually around 4 ounces.

And that's it! My boring life, but it is sometimes really wonderful.

Today after lunch we went to the library. Turtle is fascinated by computers and books, and found the toddler computers, where he proceeded to keep bugging the kids playing games and throwing screaming fits each time I tried to drag him away. Tadpole also likes computers, but is equally happy to run around, pull toys off shelves, befriend other people, and basically drive me crazy and make me worry while she smiles sweetly. I'm not sure I can really handle them alone at the library anymore, at least until I know they'll behave a bit better.

Now it is naptime, which means chore time for Mama. Time to clean up the kitchen, sweep, wash the outdoor toys that are getting filthy, and catch up on things!


  1. Isn't it amazing how wonderful a schedule (of any kind) can feel! We don't get to enjoy it to often... BUT when we do, its heaven. Good luck on keeping yours!

  2. Lots of thoughts...

    First, let me get this straight... your guys are walking and you let them loose in the library? So BRAVE! Mine are just cruising. I'm so nervous about when they get truly mobile!

    That schedule sounds close to ours. We wake up at about 6:20 like clockwork. Breakfast is (split between the two, of course) Stonefield Farms Whole Milk yogurt (1/2 cup), 1/4 cup baby oatmeal, and a whole container of stage 2 baby fruit. I think the yogurt sticks with them a while. Naps are about the same. I am trying to get away from the baby food, so we've been eating a lot of finger foods. They had been getting 24 ounces of formula, but are now transitioning over to whole milk (I'm sneaking a few ounces in to replace a few ounces of formula). Also mostly, I'm wanting to use the three giant cans of formula we have left!

    Anyway, sounds like you're doing well! Italy sounds fun, of course. I hear your frustrations on the schedule. We had company this weekend and our schedule was a mess!

  3. Whoever suggests "rest while they're resting" is crazy! :)

    I'm a little jealous over Italy. (By a little I mean 'completely and totally')

  4. Italy will be amazing! Take lots of pics for those of us who are jealous!

    Awesome job on the schedule! I just have one, and I can't even get her on a schedule.


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