Wednesday, May 19, 2010

31 weeks and 2nd baby shower

And ... almost done with work! Thank GOODNESS. I can't stand this place anymore. Actually, I realized from my baby shower yesterday, I can't stand management, but I'm actually quite sad to be leaving so many people who I like and care about a lot, including some good friends I've made over the last few years.

I'm not actually sure how many people came to the shower yesterday - 30? 35? Something like that. I got a ton of gifts, including lots and lots of baby clothes, some books, the snap n go double stroller frame, a diaper bag, and an ergo baby carrier. We also had a delicious salad potluck and played a few games. I was so grateful and humbled by how many people came and brought gifts, and now I'm getting emotional thinking about how I'm going to miss them.

Here's a snapshot I took of all the gifts (and I've gotten some more today, too):

And today marks 31 weeks. I've read in various places that 50% of twins are born by week 36 or 37 - so on average, we have only 5-6 weeks to go (and in reality, the window is probably 4-7 weeks to go).
I am losing track of what we have and what we need - I REALLY need to set up the nursery, and see what I get at my third and final baby shower this weekend. Then I can take stock and go shopping for last-minute stuff. Our house is finally coming along - in the last two days they've laid about 1/2 of the hardwood floors (or maybe 2/3?), and I really hope they're finishing today, so I hope to be able to walk on them by Sunday. Monday, I want to go to Home Depot to learn about plastering/painting/faux finishes, and try to get the nursery painted within the following day or two, and then I can get organized! And order a crib!
Sometimes I'm just freaking out by how much has to be done. But then I'm really happy to be so busy - I hate being bored!


  1. Wow, that's quite a haul! ;-)

    31 weeks is awesome! The next several before delivery will probably fly by.

  2. Yay, 31 weeks!

    It does feel good when you've had all of your showers and you can then sit down and order the remaining stuff on your registries. I don't know if you're registered at Babies R Us, but they send you a 10% off EVERYTHING completion coupon near the end.

  3. So glad everything is coming together at the house. I hope those babies keep cooking until you are ready for them! It must be fun to have a baby shower for you after dreading them for so long through your struggle. Thinking of you and those babies :)

  4. 31 weeks - I'll be keeping my fingers crossed that you make it to 36-37. Looks like you got some great gifts - and it sounds like you'll have plenty to do before the babies arrive.

    I'm sorry to hear that you're going to be leaving people that are important to you, but the time with your babies will be worth it!

  5. That all looks great. Glad the house is coming along and hope the floors get done and you can get busy organizing.

  6. Babies need so much STUFF!!!!!

  7. they need an unbelievable amount of stuff. with twins, i think we only obtained about 20% more stuff than we would have with a singleton...hit ebay...


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