Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Pretty soon, I'll be the same number of weeks pregnant as my age. Huh. That's an interesting thought.

I'm so amazingly happy to have reached 28 weeks. I feel like it's the last really big milestone, and while it probably won't be smooth sailing from here, I hope to be less worried (ha!). I have a doctor's appointment today, so of course I feel great. I always feel so fantastic the week of doctor's appointments, I'm looking forward to scheduling them more often now!

Seriously - I've barely had heartburn, I've slept well for several nights, my hip stopped aching for a couple days, even my severe rib pain seems to have eased up. Lying in bed when my alarm went off this morning, I almost felt like I wasn't pregnant. Until I rolled over. But hey - I rolled over! I haven't been able to do that in weeks, if not months, because of my hip.

News on the new house - apparently, some of the pool equipment doesn't work, which no one (including the pool inspector) told us about. We arrived last week to find the pool completely green (the sellers had apparently also stopped putting in chlorine). I have spent days going to the pool store, learning to check the chemicals, adding chlorine, brushing the surface, cleaning out leaves, adding more chlorine, only to discover that the filter never turns on automatically, and when I turn it on manually, it does not appear to work. After five days of chemicals and cleaning, it might be one lighter shade of green.

The yard was also completely overgrown by the time we got the keys. Amazing how you let the sellers do a rent-back for two weeks, and they let the place fall apart. We got my mom's old lawn mower running after about 15 years of neglect, and cut the grass and mowed down a bunch of weeds. And went to about 6 different stores and bought tools and supplies and other crap. My back was aching at the end of the weekend.

We are struggling with our moving options. Want to weigh in? I'm not actually sure we'll have a choice, but here's the situation:

1. We already have the keys to our new house, but we wanted to remodel the kitchen, bathroom, living room, and entry, plus replace the bedroom flooring before moving in. That will take probably 12-14 weeks, and it would be faster and easier if we did it before moving in. If we could just get started already, we'd be done sometime in August. But the contractor is not getting back to us.

2. Our current lease is up June 30. We have been great tenants - we fix most problems ourselves, have been there long term (over five years!), kept the place in great shape, and we actually took over the previous renter's lease, preventing our landlord from having to force them to pay when they moved out early. Now he doesn't want to give us an additional month or two on our lease because he doesn't want to rent to students, and it will be the typical student turnover time in our college town. So we may not have a place to live in two months - he's still deciding.

3. The babies are due July 21, but since twins can come early (let's say 36-38 weeks, if not earlier), that puts their adjusted due date smack in the middle of the time when we will have to move out and construction will be going on at the new place. OMG!!!! Can you imagine having to move on June 30 and going to the hospital June 29 to deliver twins?! The thought is making me hyperventilate a bit. What will we do?! And if the damn contractor doesn't get back to us, we will be weeks behind on getting someone else to get started, and it will definitely be too late.

So there you have it. We're just sort of screwed. Even one extra month at our old place will make all the difference, so even though both my husband and I are really pissed at the old arsehole, I hope he'll give us that one month. In the meantime, I installed a lock on the garage at the new place and I'm starting to try to move a few boxes per day over there after work to get us started. It keeps me from panicking.

I KNOW that in 6 months things will be great - we'll have a beautiful remodeled house, two beautiful babies, and we will have hopefully mostly unpacked and moved in. But thinking about the next three months is a little overwhelming.

I'll post an update tonight or tomorrow after my appointment and maybe a belly pic, too.


  1. Moving stuff into the garage is probably a great plan. My thought is that if the current landlord won't let you stay pack up everything unnecessary and put in storage or garage and move only necessary things into the house, living mostly in one room (not the one you want work done in) until the work gets done.
    Good luck. I hope you get the pool figured out.

  2. I'm not sure what I would do - keeping the bulk of your stuff in the garage and limiting your living space is a great idea, but it will be tough with two babies... Too bad there's no other incentive to get the old geezer to let you have more time.

    Glad you hear you're feeling good and that you've made 28 weeks - it won't be long now!

  3. Yay for 28 weeks and for feeling better!! As for the move... ick and double ick for the whole situation. The garage is definitely an option. I think I would turn into a crazy nag about now with that contractor... *if* you can get a commitment from him, then have him start on a couple of rooms that are the most essential. I will be praying that you get some answers and some forward momentum!

  4. Sounds like quite the dilemma. I would be a little panicked like you, but hopefully your landlord will realize what great tenants you have been and allow you to stay an extra month!

  5. Wow! Um... good luck with that moving thing! Hopefully things will line up better when you get closer.

    It's soooo good that you're feeling great! I hope that keeps on!


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