Sunday, April 11, 2010


It really is mid-weekend right now - 4:40am on Sunday morning. Insomnia strikes again! My husband, who has nagged me incessantly (and rightly so) to make a doctor's appointment, finally won, and on Tuesday I go see a family doctor to ask why this keeps happening to me (and who hopefully will listen when I say this was a pre-pregnancy phenomenon and therefore not caused by the pregnancy, even if that's exacerbating things).

I am finally accumulating a few baby things. I may have already mentioned the baby books I bought, which I'm hoping my husband will help fill out (I think it would be nice if the pages about his family and history are in Italian, for one thing). I had a few things from the RE that they gave us in our congratulatory bag - two cute onesies, a horrible plastic rattle (I'm not a fan of mixing babies and plastic), and an extremely strong-smelling baby lotion (not sure if I should keep this or not - it's SO strong, I can't imagine babies liking it).

Now I have a few things from friends or coworkers - a baby bathtub, a little cosleeper thing (which would also work on a couch to keep one baby from rolling off), and a bouncy chair with lights, music, and vibration.

And today, I dragged my poor husband out of bed early (for a Saturday) to go to a Mothers of Multiples Club sale about 30-45 minutes away. Unfortunately, apparently you need to get there before it even starts to have a chance at the good stuff (like double-strollers), so all I got was two crib sheets and some receiving blankets. Still, now I feel like I'm finally starting to prepare.

Tomorrow is birthing class #2 (or I guess it's actually later today). I'm excited! And, I'm going to try to go to our hazardous waste drop-off and finally get rid of all my used (and unused) needles, before my in-laws arrive from Italy on Thursday.

Which brings up an interesting point - I still have a few things infertility related. I was going to give them to a friend who was about to start IVF, and then she got pregnant on her own, and now I don't know what to do with the stuff. It includes a vial of Follistim, several vials of PIO, a Follistim pen, and a bunch of supplies like needles, alcohol wipes, etc. Mostly, I don't know what to do with the meds - and I don't know if/how to ship the Follistim if I give it away, since it needs to stay refrigerated (and I guess I need to check the expiration too). Any advice?


  1. So sorry about the insomnia. I have to get up about every two - three hours to pee, but at least I can sleep inbetween.

    My last IVF cycle, I used two GonalF pens that a fellow blogger sent me, and she sent them in a bubble package with an ice pack in them. I'm sure she probably had to go to the post office and ask about how to ship them. I think they were VERY lucky pens, since both of us conceived with that batch! Plus, it saved me about $900! I'd maybe see if Mel at Lost and Found would let you "advertise" them.

  2. i had lots of meds left, as well as needles, alcohol wipes and all that. i donated them back to my RE's office and they gave them to another patient who didn't have RX coverage. Just a thought.

  3. I was going to suggest talking to your RE's office, to see if they can go to someone who can't afford the meds. (BTW, I never did say thank you for your kind offer of the progesterone/PIO a few weeks ago! so THANK YOU!) I hope you are able to find a good 'home' for them.

  4. Hope your doctor gives you some advice/help with the insomnia. As for the IVF drugs, I took mine to my doctor's office. Not sure if your's will take them, but you could always try.

  5. As far as the meds go I would say that you should check the PIO for expiration. It often expires fairly quickly. I had 3 vials I got in Feb for the FET that wasn't and they already expired. I was just going to take them to work and dump them (side benefit of working in a hospital). The follistim would be fine if you shipped it un-refrigerated as some of mine came that way when I did my IVF and it was fine but if you really wanted to ship it refrigerated it's like 70 to ship fed ex overnight, get a soft insulated lunch bag thing with the blue ice packs and send it that way. That's what I did with one vial I had left. I still have tons of syringes that I have no idea what to do with. I'm not very inclined to give much of anything to the clinic at the moment as I'm not very happy with them.


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