Friday, March 26, 2010

Feeling sick but TGIF!

I've been feeling sick lately, although thank goodness today was much better. Probably because I made a Dr. appointment today to see what was up. That always makes me feel better, of course. I had a terrible headache Monday and Tuesday, and on Tuesday also started having a stomach ache that came and went. It didn't really feel like cramps, so I didn't worry, but after it didn't go away by Thursday morning, I made an appointment with the OB for today. All week I've felt nauseous in the morning as well.

And of course, today I feel fine. Not only has my stomach felt fine, my hip even feels fine. It's ... weird. The appointment went really great. Turtle and Tadpole were super active, and I got a quick glimpse of them on the ultrasound. My cervix was long and closed, and there were no signs of contractions or preterm labor. The doctor suspected that if anything was wrong, it could be a bladder or kidney infection, or possibly something viral. I suspect some sort of digestive distress.

Unfortunately, she was appalled that I am still biking, so I guess I am done with that =( Time to put the bike away for the rest of the spring, now that the weather is getting beautiful. Sigh. Also, swimming is great, but not the serious laps I was considering doing. So I guess I will go to open swim and try to swim some slow, relaxing laps instead of attending a workout. And I guess I will start looking into prenatal yoga and other things specifically for "disabled" women like me.

A few other bits and pieces - I can plan to stop working by the end of May, and possibly sooner (yay for sooner!). My hip pain is normal and I can expect it to get worse (boo). And I haven't gained as much weight as I feared - I am up about 24 pounds from my normal pre-pregnancy weight (about 28 from my actual pre-pregnancy, post-surgery weight). I thought it might be much more than that with the way I've been eating. Time to eat healthier and continue with the appropriate weight gain. Only 17 weeks to go until term (and probably more like 13-14 - yikes!).


  1. Sorry you haven't been feeling well but hope the feeling better thing lasts.

  2. Glad you're feeling better ~ I'm a little bummed that you have to put the bike away though - the weather is finally straightening out... Enjoy the pool - it always made me feel good (pregnant or not).

  3. Glad you're feeling better. Why is your doctor not wanting you to ride your bike? Is it a balance issue? I hope you can enjoy your swimming and yoga classes, though. I loved swimming while I was pregnant. Ahhh the weightlessness was amazing!


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