Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Almost 18 weeks

Despite what my ticker might say, I am 18 weeks today (why is it so often one day behind?!). Aside from occasional bouts of anxiety and depression, I have never been happier.

I'm keeping very busy with work and home, and I'm trying to stay really active as well. This past weekend I went snowshoeing up near Lake Tahoe (really beautiful, I'll try to post a pic for Show and Tell!), and did a one-hour bike ride. I'm also trying to do my leg weights and some really easy jogging. And I'm still rock climbing, but I have a feeling that won't last much longer - my harness won't fit pretty soon.

I'm getting HUGE really quickly, I'm pretty amazed by it. Just a few weeks ago, it wasn't at all obvious that I was pregnant except to me and my husband. Now, I can only hide it under a bulky sweater or jacket. I look at least 5 (or more!) months pregnant with a singleton. I'm having a harder time getting used to it than I thought I would, but I'm definitely adjusting. I AM starting to worry about how much bigger I'm going to get, though!

I'm also holding out hope that we find somewhere to live sooner rather than later. Rentals in our town are dismal - anything for a reasonable price is a student rental in awful shape, anything nice costs more than a mortgage payment. And because of the awful real estate market, no one is selling (because there are always students to rent to). I am willing to move into a fixer-upper at this point - I'm just hoping I have time to actually do the fixing up after we move and before the babies come.

I still haven't done any baby shopping (although I bough some desperately needed maternity clothes). I can't believe how complicated everything is. I think I've narrowed down our carseat choices to a few, and we have to check and see if they'll fit in our Toyota Matrix (anyone have experience with this?), and I think we'll also get a Snap N Go stroller (maybe both a double and a single, so we can push one baby and carry one if we want). I want at least one babywearing option, but probably two (front slings and those backpack-type things) so I could carry both or we could each carry one. I'm also trying to decide on early sleeping arrangements - I'd like a co-sleeper, but I might also consider a pack n play or bassinet. I don't think we'll buy much in the way of swings or jumpers or whatever that stuff is until we need it - there's too much to buy up front as it is.

And I'm hoping to try cloth diapers, but that's dependent entirely on our living situation - running downstairs to our building's single shared washing machine and putting four quarters in for every single load of laundry will mean I won't want any extra laundry to do. And don't even get me started on the drier that, for the bargain price of $1, doesn't actually dry anything.

So that's the situation. We're hashing out names, looking forward to the midwife appointment and high-resolution ultrasound in 2 weeks, and getting through daily life a lot better than during the horrible first trimester. I'm THRILLED to finally be enjoying pregnancy instead of feeling miserable all the time.

And I'm REALLY REALLY excited that several of the bloggers I've been reading for some time are cautiously optimistic that their current cycles may have worked! That, for me, is the best news of all.


  1. hey- since i've also been researching baby stuff for twins, i thought i'd share a few tips i've picked up. one- a co sleeper will work better than the pack n play bassinet for sleeping them together next to your bed or whatever because the cosleeper has a weight limit of 30 lbs, whereas the bassinet in the PNP only has a weight limit of 15 lbs, so it won't work for too long for two. also, it's come to my attention that only a few infant carseats start their weight limit at 4 lbs, most are 5lbs, something to consider in case they come a little early or are a little smaller. (babies are allowed to leave the hospital at 4lbs.) the chicco keyfit 30 is one that starts being safe at 4lbs. the moby wrap has some options for carrying twins together when they are small-check their site.

    i am also planning on cloth diapering. people think i'm crazy to do it with twins, but it's something i feel strongly about. i think i'll probably have to use disposies for the first few months until we get into a routine, but then we are considering Gro Baby and Bumgenious 3.0. the website kellysclosetdotcom has some great info.

  2. Good luck with the house hunting and everything! I hope you find something workable soon.

  3. Glad to hear things are going well! Good luck with house hunting!

  4. Okay, I so want to see a picture of your bump! :) I can't believe you are already at eighteen weeks...time seems to be flying! I hear you on the house hunting frustrations. We move so often in the military and finding adequate housing is always the hardest part of the move. Lots of luck in finding a good place!

  5. I'm so glad to hear that you are feeling better - it makes me much more optimistic that this constant sickness will end soon! Keep us updated on what you find with the twin furniture/accessories - I may 'borrow' some of your ideas. :0)

  6. I don't know anything about twins, but I do know that w/ my first we used the bouncer & swing like CRAZY. At 14 months I still put her in the swing for naps. Just wanted to put that out there b/c you might want one of each at your house for the twins once they come, they are amazing at settling babies down & getting them to sleep for naps!!! Love reading along, and would love to see a pic of your bump:)

  7. So glad you are out of the morning sickness phase and doing well!!!

    This is probably an assvice and I don't intend to be mean... and I do sincerely hope tha youi don't go this route! But, I just wanted to alert you that... "most" twin PGs I have seen (including myself) end up with significant contractions and/or shortened cervix (sometimes leading to partial/strict bedrest) in the 20's (week)! You might want to be careful with your physical activity early on!

  8. In looking into cloth diapers, don't forget to look into diaper services. The last time I was pregnant, I actually found a service that was going to be cheaper per week than buying disposables.

    Glad you are truly starting to enjoy things!

  9. I'll be sending you lots of "find a house" vibes. I'm SO glad that you're enjoying your pregnancy! That's fantastic! I have no advice on twin stuff, but I'm sending you SO much love!

  10. So glad that you and the little ones are doing well. I look out at the fab weather today and wish that I could go for a walk or up to the mountains for a snowshoe (oh well, next year). I haven't decided what to do about a double stroller that can hold infant car seat carriers. I have found only one, have you found more? Maybe you should check foreclosures in your area for home/fixer uppers?

  11. Yay, 18 weeks! Good luck with the house hunt - such a stressful process, at least in my experience. I nominated you for a blog award. :)

  12. on cloth diapering...advice from friends with experience...most cloth diapers will not fit tiny may have to use disposables at first just for this reason. We're going to try compostable diapers then go to cloth as soon as they fit. on carseats...we have a mini...the chicco keyfit is one option, and I think that the maxi cosi priori is another, but that one is not an infant carrier type..


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