Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Turtle v. Tadpole

Oof.  Raising 3-year-olds is making me rather schizophrenic.*  I LOVE it one moment and HATE it the next.  When it's awesome, it is SO awesome, and I am dying to have another one to make it all the better and keep the awesomeness coming.  When it sucks, I want to cry and tear out my hair and walk out of the house without looking back.  The cycles can last for hours, minutes, or really even seconds.  I am definitely starting to feel the strain, though.  I need a break.

One thing that's really awesome about this age is that their personalities are really starting to shine, and they are SOOOOOO different.  Here are a few examples.

This morning, the kids found a bag of colored star-shaped beads, so I got out the muffin tins and explained that they could group the beads by color, with each color getting its own spot.  Turtle loved that game.  He sat there and worked diligently and was so proud of himself when he was done.  Tadpole ... well, sigh.  I started them working together on the same muffin tin, but that didn't last longer than 5 seconds. I think she was purposely putting the wrong colors together just to make Turtle mad.  So I got her a tin of her own, where she gleefully combined all the colors together in each spot and then, after two minutes, called it a day.

My husband made up a bedtime game whereby the adult gives clues and the kid has to guess which animal we are thinking of, then we switch roles.  I have actually never played with Turtle, but my husband says it goes something like this:

Husband: The animal I'm thinking of swims in the ocean and is really huge!
Turtle: A whale!  My turn.  The animal I'm thinking of does NOT swim in the ocean, and is NOT really huge!

Here's how my games with Tadpole go:

Tadpole: This animal talks and has wings!
Me: A parrot!
Tadpole: No!
Me: Ummmmm ... really?  Are you sure it's not a parrot?
Tadpole: I'm sure, it's NOT a parrot.  It talks and has wings!
Me: (After trying a few other random guesses) Tadpole, I really don't know, can you tell me what it is?
Tadpole: A giraffe that talks and has wings!

OK, I guess you got me there.  More stories to come.


  1. Ginny has just begun pretending to be someone/something other than she is. All of a sudden she'll decide that she's a froggy and won't answer to her name. She will hop around the house, and will pretend to catch flies on her tongue. It's hysterical.

    Pip is just starting to show some two-ish-ness. It's hard to get a gauge on his personality without language, but he's definitely a boy. Very rough and tumble.

  2. We've got those antagonistic personalities as well - one that does things simply to irritate the other.... it gets old pretty fast! Glad you're having some good times to go with the frustrating ones!

  3. Tadpole's game just cracked me up. Three-year old logic is hard to refute! :)
    Good job on the exercise! I know I need to, but it's so hard to work it into the day. I'm jealous of your motivation!


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