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Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Here is the Christmas stocking I am working on for one of the kids. It is made of felt. Nothing is attached yet, so I can still rearrange, and I will probably add a few more details, including a cuff and their name. I also have to glue the pieces down, and will add detail stitching, and I have to sew the front and back together and do detail stitching around the edges. Then I have to make another one! Also, I just noticed that the front door of one of the houses is gone, probably floating around somewhere stuck to another piece of felt.

And here are two pics from the sheep festival in my husband's town in Italy. I was not there, my father-in-law took these pics, but I think they are absolutely magical.

This first one is just outside of town:

This second one is passing through the wall of the fort that surrounds the town:


  1. Cute stocking!
    And wow, those are amazing pics of Italy. How cool!

  2. I love the little stocking! I have dreams of doing cross-stitched stockings for my family someday, but for now we just have to make do with the store bought ones.

    Those pics of the sheep are awesome! On Pinterest I have a board "scenes I want to write" and those pics definitely qualify!


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